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See what our customers are saying about our craft beef jerky. Try some and let us know if you agree. We aim to make the best small batch beef jerky on the market!


Beef jerky lovers Felix reesie


**** This candied mocha maple is Nuuutsss!

Jesse Leibowitz 11/28/2019

 ***** Favorite jerky ever

Mike Ray 11/29 /2019

**** I can confirm that candied Mocha, black pepper, wasabi ginger are all straight up amazing. Can’t go wrong with the others either.

William Eric 11/29/2019

 ****Wow, what service! I loved the jerky when I bought it at the festival in Media and had to buy some as a gift for a fellow jerky lover! Thanks for making a quality product!

Danielle Choate 10/28/2019

*****The jerky is amazing! The Carolina Reaper especially so, I'm not as in to spicy food as I was a decade ago but this has exactly the right mix between kick and flavor! I'm going to be buying a lot of Dan Good's jerky for sure!

Michael Stone 11/7/2019


*** “Some of the best beef jerky I have had. Flavors were awesome. Many options. Great service”

Matt Argyros 10/26/19

*** “ As others have said have said, best beef jerky I’ve ever had. Candied mocha maple, I had to stop eating. That’s a hell of a flavor there. That candied mocha maple is the best jerky ever....

Mike Ray 10/21/19

*** Best jerky I ever had🥩🔥🥩🔥🥩🔥

Marin Ference 9/29/19

*** I got the jerky yesterday and I gave half away to some friends before trying it.... I won’t make that mistake again lol. Great stuff man, thanks.

Jeremy Szulczewski 10/22/19

*** This Sh#@t is unreal. I will never be able to eat any other jerky.

Martin Ferenc 4/27/19

*** That beef jerky is amazing!! Just arrived today

Jeremy Knox 9/19/19

*** I love the dry rubs, best jerky that I’ve ever had. Seriously.

Jeremy Knox 9/30/19

*** Jerky is great! Everything I hoped it would be.

*** Bobby Land 11/11/18

*** Love it! Very tender too. Great flavor!

John Paul McMillan August 2019

*** Fast shipping and great jerky!

David Faraq September 2019

*** Some of the best jerky I’ve had by far. Been pleased with all flavors I’ve been fortunate enough to try out. That reaper is sooo good

Ryan Stevens September 2019

*** Absolutely phenomenal jerky! The candied mocha and black pepper are insane! They go as soon as they arrive! Highly recommend.

Matt Sigala August 2019

*** Great tasting jerky! Black pepper is my fave. Spicy is great too!

Matt Simon August 2019

*** I always am impressed with Dan’s jerky. I know the love and care that must go into the making of this. It is always so fresh and is delivered promptly. Never any problems. And mine is naturally the Mocha Maple. Just enough sweetness with a nice bite.

Anne Spicer August 2019

*** great jerky give it a shot much better than store bought

Brian Michael July 2019

*** Most definitely the tastiest freshest Jerky I’ve ever ate! Yum! Personal favorite of mine is the Ginger/Wasabi!

Sue Shandel July 2019

*** So far apart from the typical jerky you're used to.. every piece is a choice cut, packed with unique flavors, without the salt blast or sinewy junk I find in store bought brands.

Daniel Jon July 2019