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Who We Are

Because Taste Matters!

Taste Matters is a small batch craft beef jerky company, specialty food retail outlet, and pop-up dining establishment located in Media, PA.

Dan McKenna

Dan McKenna Beef jerky

Kathy & Dan McKenna, proprietors and operators, are dedicated to providing the finest beef jerky available in the market place. Dan brings along a lifelong passion for fine foods and over 35 years experience as a chef and owner in the restaurant business. They are lifelong partners sharing almost 30 years together raising their children and grandchildren.

Kathy McKenna

Kathy McKenna Beef jerky 

Bill Strine Jr.

Bill Strine Jr. is the owner and partner of Taste Matters. He brings his expertise in business and appreciation of fine foods. His specialties are hand-rolled pasta and home-made ice cream. He serves as the Chief Operating Officer of Media Real Estate.